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Seen on Screen TV, Inc.

Global retailer of fine products

EZ Bouquet

EZ Bouquet Floral Arranger, a floral arrangement tool dedicated to helping you easily create the very best floral arrangements possible. 

Charge 'N Jump

The Charge'n Jump is a mobile power bank that can jump start your car as well as charge the batteries in your electronic devices.

Silicone Chef

Silicone Chef Bakeware is a dishwasher safe and oven proof flexible way to bake in various shapes

Music Light

Combine the bright LED multicolor bulb with the speaker and amplifier, control it all with a Bluetooth App that you control from your phone, and the next thing you need to do is "Get this party started."

Forever Torch

Forever Torch is a flashlight that never needs batteries. It is the perfect flashlight for long term storage, since you never have to worry about old or dead batteries.


Cozy blanket with sleeves, perfect for reading or watching TV.

Tee Time

Tee Time - the game for the true golf fanatic. Golf while you go.

Salad Fresh

Now you can have fresh salad all the time, with your favorite dressing in a separate compartment, ready for use.

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